Our History

Grahame Nelson

Grahame Nelson

We remain in the South East of England where the business was formed 20+ years ago by Grahame Nelson.

Grahame had worked in the music industry as club DJ, radio DJ and sound and lighting engineer before branching out into Show production with a particular emphasis on hi tech lighting,video and laser technology. His reputation spread. It became widely known that if you wanted your show to look and sound great, Grahame Nelson was the person to hire.

Talent attracts talent as Grahame developed a network of creatives in order to provide an event management turnkey solution, however, it was not until 1995 when the business took attracted funding to purchase its own sound and lighting equipment that Gems NFX began the journey it is on today.

The investment paid off as state of the art, sound, lighting, video, event presentation equipment and cabling was purchased. Staging soon followed making Gems NFX different to its competitors since it could now offer creative services and hire equipment making its proposition to clients an attractive one. Many companies , as today, rent equipment to hire on, thus ensuring the Clients paid margin on top of margin, never quite sure of the quality of the equipment.

What Gems NFX were able to do is show prospective clients the equipment it intended to use, but more importantly still, Gems themselves became proficient with kit it rolled out on events, day in and day out. The latest sound and lighting rigs were serviced and even competitors would defer to Gems expertise on the new equipment. That investment and expertise has been maintained.

Gems formed partnerships with specialists. Companies like Clarion Television (now Green Gecko) for Video, Television and animation production, Rose & Grande for creative writing and conference facilitation as well as a cadre of regular freelance project managers. Those relationships persist today 15 years on to the benefit of the businesses concerned but much more importantly for the benefit of their customers.

Trade relations with brands like Shermann Audio, Avolites, Analog Way, Lab Grupen and Sennheiser meant that behind the scenes support was in place along with continued investment into the latest equipment.

More recently trading partnerships with Litestructures and support from Impact Products has enabled GEMS to increase it’s stage and truss stocks and to be able to have specialised sections cut to size for important projects, so much so that they will soon be listed as a trade partner for owning and having available so many items on the rental fleet.

Gems NFX has grown because of its customer equals centric focus. The Services it provides are as a direct result of customer interaction. They stock what their customers want, they provide the services their customers require – it is that simple.