Projector Hire

We hold a large selection of video and data projectors which come in two variations, that being LCD and DLP.

From the small notebook style boardroom meeting projectors, up to the much larger outdoor projection units for large scale advertising on the side of buildings etc. All the medium to large projectors have selectable lens options, which is very important when planning your projection throws/ratios and general image size requirements. Some of the projectors have KEYSTONE correction across single or both axis and also Lens shift options in both horizontal and vertical positions.

We have the popular brands such as BARCO, PANASONIC, SANYO and all the units have composite and component video inputs along with Data connections. Depending on the selected models we also have DVI and HDMI as well as SDI and HDSDI for High definition input.

We have a selection of stands and rigging cradles for the various projectors depending on how you use them.

The projectors can be used for Front or Rear projection and have easy to access menu systems for friendly end user presentations.

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