Game Tournaments

Here at GEMS we take pride in providing and sharing our experience along with our screens and consoles to create some fairly unique game tournament setups across the country and overseas.

It makes sense to rent these items from people who understand games and consoles and it’s fair to say we have a long history and excellent knowledge base to go along with our large equipment resources.

Ali-A Captures the fun day we helped setup at the London HQ of Saatchi & Saatchi offices, nice job!

The EGL guys in the Basement at the Truman Brewery in London for the PCGW16 event

A good example and fun challenge working with our Northern gaming friends.

Gaming Tournaments may have come along way in terms of technical and size but the principles are still the same with the excitement and entertainment value

GEMS NFX Old style tournament

Atari Space Invaders Games Tournament 1980

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