GOBO Lighting

A Gobo is a template that light shines through projecting an image onto a given surface. The word term “Gobo” is an acronym that stands for “GOes Before Optics.” They are also used to create a visual effect through the air in some circumstances like Night Clubs and Parties.

These Gobos can be made in a variety of sizes depending upon the light source and product being used as well as being made from two type of material, metal or glass.

Metal Gobos are cheaper but have tag lines to stop sections fallen out when cut and can only show the colour of light that is projected behind it.

Glass Gobos are more expensive but show sharper images and text. They can be anything from several colours to full colour and show a true mirror image of a complicated image or logo.

As well as the Gobo itself you also need a lighting unit to match it with and this can all depend on location and rigging possibilities along with knowing what it is your actually trying to achieve with the Gobo.

Having a logo, strap-line or other design projected at a special event can add a great focal point in the room. Gobos are great for sponsorship opportunities for fundraisers and non-profit events. It’s a cost effective way to add a high impact design feature to a space.

In our hire fleet we have several options to project both single and multiple images of the same Gobo or different ones and can also be programmed to a sequence if more control is required like on an exhibition stand for instance.

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