Lighting Desks

Here at GEMS we take lighting control very seriously and are proud to be able to offer our clients some very high end systems as well as smaller options for those space critical environments.

AVOLITES has been a name associated with the industry for many many years and their research and development along with their dedicated creation of personality files and software improvements are some of the reasons why we have used their lighting desks and control equipment over the years.

The Pearl and the recently acquired Pearl Titan Expert with touch wing, flagship our lighting desks.

The ability to control multiple DMX universes and have instant access to fixtures has guaranteed their continued popularity.

We also have other options including computer Laptops if smaller DMX systems are required which are always popular for exhibition stands etc..

We also have other Avolite products that go hand in hand with their desks including Dimmer racks and DMX distribution systems.

Avolites Pearl Expert And Touch Wing

Avolites Pearl Expert And Touch Wing

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