Wireless LED Lighting

Wireless lighting has come on leaps and bounds since their inception quite a few years ago and here at GEMS we have invested into the Astera Range of products which has significantly increased the design and creative potential when working closely with clients.

As well as no cables required for operation, which always makes for a clean and safe set up, the units also have a very small foot print. Another big difference from previous units is the addition of a white LED making these units RGBW and giving a much greater colour mixing palette.

Charge times are significantly higher and yet the weight of the units is significantly less.

The units are not very heavy and have a very lengthy output time compared to their short charge time. Their are also multiple control options which include a built in wireless DMX protocol for larger shows and also a credit card style remote and another handheld remote giving the user even greater control over multiple units over a distance of up to 300m.

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