PA Equipment

PA / Audio equipment plays a major role in any type of event, show or party. We take pride in holding a large array of audio products for all kinds of use across the entertainment industry.


No matter how big or small your requirements, we are confident we have an audio solution for you. One that will not only meet your expectations and budget limitations but hopefully exceed them.


With a large fleet of Speakers, Amplifiers, Microphones, Sounds Desks and Control Equipment from well known brands. These include YAMAHA, SOUNDCRAFT, BSS, LAB GRUPEN, SENNHEISER, SHURE, SONY, PIONEER and SHERMANN AUDIO to name but a few. We have the reliability and quality that has come to be expected from our clients as the digital age progresses.


Along with a well established hire setup for the Corporate/Conference industry we also have a very good reputation. We have a lengthy history in the Live/Entertainment market and have worked with lots of famous acts and celebrities.


Cables also provide an essential part of our Audio services. No matter how good the branded equipment may be it can only be as reliable as the cables that connect them together. We make a large amount of our cables in house. We take a lot of pride in their quality and overall importance in their role. This helps in creating a very professional and reliable service. All the connectors and cables we use are well known brands and provide the quality you would expect.


Some of the items we provide are mentioned above and bulleted below but we can never list everything. Please do not hesitate to reach out either by e-mail/phone or social media.

  • PA systems of any size
  • DJ Equipment with various playback options
  • Lighting for all sizes of events
  • Staging and backdrops
  • Audio Visual playback systems
  • Trussing and rigging to match your imagination