Amplification is to coin a phrase, the engines behind any audio system and like any good engines they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to quality and reliability.

To complement our professional range of speakers we have the perfect partner, we feel, in the excellent range of Lab Gruppen amplifiers.

Their size to weight ratio along with power and performance is excellent and very efficient.  When working together in pre built racks they create a very workable and portable solution for our engineers and local crew especially when they are required in elevated positions.

The units have low power requirements and neutrik NL4 and XLR connections.

Along with these Amplifiers we also use Shermann Branded units especially for Client installations offering great value for money and support network for peace of mind.

Amplifiers can be dual or quad channels and along with bridge modes they can also have independent channels adjusted on their db output levels to offer added protection for smaller speakers on larger system setups.

If specified we have racks with patch panels to make all the above as simple as possible and to save time and cable issues on location and give engineers a greater window for testing and getting levels right.

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