Radio Microphones

Along with wired microphones we also hold host to a large quantity of radio microphones with all the relevant accessories and on the digitally licensed channel 38 setup.

Sennheiser UHF, handheld and lavalier systems along with head worn and in ear systems compliment our range available for clients.

Along with the wireless systems we also have the required aerial distribution amplifiers and active paddle antennas for use in larger venues and where multiple units are in operation.

With the pending frequency changes we have also invested in some of the latest models to keep us up to date with current legislation.

The hand held units have different capsules for different vocal ranges as do the tie clip / lavalier systems with gold series heads and metal clips for the most reliable and highest quality available.

Systems can be racked and patched accordingly with a frequency set sheet printed for speed on site or hired as single units.

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