The speakers used on any type of PA system play a crucial part in the overall quality of sound and here at GEMS we take pride in the level we are able to produce and offer our clients.

Shermann Audio is the flagship system in our large hire fleet and we are proud to be recognised by Shermann as one of the largest users in the UK.

The cabinets grow in size from small stage fills for audiences in close proximity seating to mid sized stage monitors and public address speakers to much larger concert style cabinets for outdoor and arena use.

Shermann as a brand offer excellent frequency levels for vocal and music reproduction and are made from birch wood ply to compliment the excellent choice of components with a solid build quality.

The cabinets have several finishes including a black carpet covering and a tour hardy resin coating along with black foam fronts to complete their professional appearance.

Speaker Cables are made using the popular neutrik NL4 and NL8 connections and cabinets have the ability to be linked together with multiple signal feeds and passed through where required.

We have multi-core system and breakout cables to enable simple setups and a reduction of excess cable where possible to simplify complicated audio setups which can be a real eye sore.

Amplifier racks where specified are patched with the relevant connections to again not only speed up the installation of such PA systems but keep things simple.

The larger Sub speakers along with touring systems come with castor wheels and handles to aid in their transportation and setup which are key factors when on location.

We are always happy to design and choose the appropriate speaker systems for our clients and we do hold stock of other brands such as D&b and active HK and Mackie systems.

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