Pro Gaming Monitors

Pro gaming monitors are an essential part of any gaming setup and to compliment any PC or Console package we have some of the best available and more importantly large stocks of the same make and model.

iiyama and LG are our most popular and we have 22″,24″,27″ and 28″ 4K models available in our rental fleet as well as much larger screens upto our 85″ Samsung 4K units.


GEMS NFX LG 22.5" M2280D LED Gaming Monitor

LG M2280D 22.5″ LED Gaming Monitor

iiyama GE2488HSU-B2

GEMS NFX iiyama 24" Pro Gaming Monitor

iiyama 24″ Pro Gaming Monitor

iiyama GE2788HSU-B2 Freesync

GEMS NFX iiyama 27" Pro Gaming Monitor

iiyama 27″ Pro Gaming Monitor

iiyama GE2888UHSU-B2 4K Gold Phoenix

GEMS NFX iiyama 28" 4K Pro Gaming Monitor

iiyama 28″ 4K Pro Gaming Monitor

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