Exhibition Hire

Having the space and tools to hand here at GEMS NFX, we are able to create and manufacture all our own set panels and designs from our clients for their events.

Panels come in all shapes and sizes, along with just as large a variety of surface coverings.

We make all our own screen and stage surrounds which create a very professional finish to the overall look and feel to our events, shows, exhibitions and parties.

A variety of braces, stage weights and clamps along with ladders and scaffold towers, enable us to create some fairly large and impressive structures within are design plans and specifications.

Furniture hire is incorporated under the Set Equipment banner and along with Lecterns and Bar stools, folding chairs and large tables, we have a good selection for our clients to choose from.

A design service is also available for our clients to see their sets and plans in the virtual world.

Reliable and adequate transport is also very important when it comes to the logistics of set and another area that we address with serious thought and planning.

Finally before any set or accessories leave our hire department they are checked and tested and labelled accordingly to make sure no parts are missing and that all the panels are clean.

With this in mind, no matter how big or small your set requirements are, please drop us an e-mail or give us a call on 020 8661 7766 and we will be only too happy to help you or at least point you in the right direction.