Flats & Panels

Here at GEMS we hold a large stock of set panelsand Flats which are available for use in any set designs our clients have requested.

Standard panels are in black and White but can be covered in any coloured covering and can be a variety of different materials although felt is the most common.

We also have various size screen surrounds to enhance the projection surfaces built into these sets.

Panel sizes range from 1ft x 1ft squares up to 12ft x 4ft sections with everything in between.

We are able to create surrounds and returns for all our projection surfaces in our rental fleet.

We can also supply panels for hides to cover control positions along with cameras and their appropriate risers and lighting stands etc.

We are happy to provide drawings of all our set designs and can create 3D models for presentation pitches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on your Set Panel & Flat requirements or you can check the online rate card for general pricing.