Here at GEMS we hold a large stock of Litestructures Truss and a few other brands.

The box mini beam is the heaviest and strongest followed by the Litestructures ‘Litepro’ box truss. We have an assortment of foot plates for all ground support setups as well all the different angles and section lengths. Straight lengths come in 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 3m sections with some special sections of varying lengths and some as small as 0.2m!

Special cuts are very handy for those exact lengths for some stage and exhibition stands and having lengths like 2100mm, 1800mm and 1440mm we are able to meet specific requirements where others can not which is something we take pride in when putting builds together. We also stock single beam truss from the Litepro range and also the single cube corners to make quick and easy self supporting ground support structures in the truss style.

The lengths of Litepro box truss come in Standard duty and Heavy duty with the latter allowing for a greater rigging load across the span. As well as right angled corner sections we also have some special cubes which allow for sections to be added along any axis. To compliment the truss we have a variety of lighting effects in our lighting rental fleet to help light the truss to add to the overall effect for clients often called truss warmers.

The truss can be connected with spigots and nuts and bolts or eggs and split pins depending on choice.

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