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Exclusive VIP Party

Birthday Party for a client with Earth Wind and Fire and Light of The World playing Live along with special guest Philip Bailey in a 15th Century Barn on private grounds.

The opportunity to make everything our client wanted, fit into what started out as quite a large space but soon became a lot smaller, was a real challenge for our specially chosen team to pull off.

2 Full Colour laser systems along with our friends who are the current British firework champions made for an amazing spectacle on the landscaped gardens whilst we had a large amount of wireless LED lighting making the most of the grounds surrounding scenery and amazing architecture.

This including a Full HD video production, more back-line for two of the circuits largest bands than you could shake a stick at and an amazing amount of rolling dress rooms and rest facilities and generator power, made for a good finale to our years events and guaranteed everyone had pulled their weight before the well earned Christmas break.

A special thankyou and word of praise for the locations Estate Manager who made us very welcome over the two weeks on site and who we would normally print and highlight but for anonymity reasons will refrain from doing so but instead honour with the last word and end this brief description of the proceedings.