DJ Equipment hire

Here at GEMS we have a large variety of DJ Equipment hire available to all our clients. We also have ready to go solutions in audio and lighting along with staging and video equipment.


Added to this we have a well known history and years of experience in the Music, Radio, Live and DJ industry. We have confidence in offering good advice along with high end brands. These include, TECHNICS, PIONEER, SONY, MARTIN, AVOLITES, SHERMANN AUDIO, EV, LAB GRUPPEN, SHURE, SENNHEISER to name but a few.


All our DJ equipment hire from GEMS comes supplied in heavy duty flight cases to protect them from wear and tear. This gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to equipment reliability. Our Backup units are sometimes supplied as an over precaution depending on the events. This also gives our engineers additional options and flexibility for last minute requests from end users.


Our Cables also provide an essential part of our DJ services. No matter how good the branded equipment may be it can only be as reliable as the cables that connect them together. We make a large amount of our cables in house. We take a lot of pride in their quality and overall importance in their role. This helps in creating a very professional and reliable service. All the connectors and cables we use are well known brands and provide the quality you would expect.


Some of the items we provide are mentioned above and shown below but we can never list everything. Please do not hesitate to reach out either by e-mail/phone or social media.

  • PA Systems of any size
  • Digital and Analogue DJ Equipment
  • Lighting for any type of event
  • Staging and rigging to match your expectations
  • Audio Visual solutions to enhance any party/club setup