PC Hire

PC hire including  a good range of monitors and peripherals


When it comes to PC Hire we have some of the highest spec units available on the rental market. This takes considerable investment and dedication in this very fast evolving industry.


The COBRA series has enabled us to provide our flagship Gaming PC hire rigs for many shows across the board with a host of developer and industry events. These include press events and game launches and all the usual industry exhibitions.


Furthermore we have a variety of high specification monitor options as well as a great selection of high-end peripherals. Such are the advantages for all our clients with us being very well connected within the Esports industry.


Over the years our High Spec Gaming PC hire has been used for a lot of Esports events and tournaments.  We continue to invest in and support this ever growing niche market and take pride in what we have achieved and who we have worked with.


PC hire can be a little daunting but we try to make it as easy as possible. We will always be transparent and flexible when it comes to costs and logistics and general support behind the scenes.


Having been hands on during the build process our technical support is second to none. This is always highlighted when it comes to our on site support and maintenance as well as during the booking process.


If you need the best and latest PC builds or just need some generic PC rigs then do not hesitate to give us a call. We can support your enquiry from full support to dry hire.


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*** We will always try and price match quotes from alternative suppliers ***


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