Gaming Tournaments

Gaming Tournaments are an essential and ever growing part of the gaming industry. At GEMS we take pride in sharing our expertise that we have gained over many years with our clients. Using our consoles and PC rigs we have created some fairly unique gaming tournament setups across the country and overseas.


We have the added benefit of a very large fleet of screens, especially pro gaming monitors, to spoil our clients. Having a show background makes us handy with stages and power with some audio and lighting skill sets of course.


Gaming tournaments can vary in size and some of the larger ones require a lot of kit which can be hard to come by.


It makes sense to rent these items from people who understand the actual games and all the associated hardware. It’s also fair to say we have a very long history with excellent knowledge alongside an ever expanding equipment base to draw from.

  • E-Sports
  • Brand Tournaments
  • Game Launches
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Private Parties
  • Press Events