Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo SWITCH hire and Wii U hire has been a huge success over the years and a massive hit. Despite the cartoon like graphics the consoles have always held its own especially with the motion detecting remotes. These have provided many a good workout for many avid games players.


Nintendo Switch hire GEMS NFXNintendo hire GEMS NFX


Many of the games have been developed with fun and challenge at their heart. To this end we have found the consoles to be a big hit in team building events especially.


The Nintendo SWITCH hire has yet again created a new fun level of entertainment to play against each other. You can even link consoles for some crazy multiplayer mayhem. Games like Mario Kart come back into the mix as does Mario Tennis Aces and a whole host of other titles.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has never looked so good!


The bonus of renting your equipment from us is that we are gamers too and we know the consoles. More importantly we know the games better than most and can offer excellent advice when it comes to selection. We are always on hand to offer technical support and even on site technicians.


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