Fortnite Malta


ADVNCR / GMR Entertainment / PLAYCON / Delta Summit / Malta Government


Fortnite Battle Royale tournament for PLAYCON part of the Malta Delta Summit


Malta Fairs & Convention Centre – MALTA


October 2019


To supply all the PC hardware and Networking equipment and associated cables and get all the builds on all the PC’s ready for the tournament running over multiple days as well as shipping everything over to Malta!

What we did

Despite having some notice of this event the actual sign off left us about 2 weeks to put it all together!


Show mode kicked in and the transport and PC builds were quickly organised along with all the kit. Making sure you have enough spares is key especially for this type of event request. 50 PC builds were put together along with spares and the same for peripheral sets. The Turtle Beach Elite PRO headsets were also cased and made ready to ship.


Networking and power were highlighted and again a suitable package was constructed. Luckily the mains in Malta is the same as the UK which made things a bit more straight forward.


Another challenge was presented in the form of getting 2 signals from the PC’s during the tournament. The downside was converting one to HDSDi so that it could be fired back to the Outside Broadcast Unit. This was done using 50 Decimator units which solved the problem quickly as time was not on our side.


The transport set off 6 days in advance for the long journey, couple of staff members followed later by plane. This was repeated for the return leg which saw the kit away for nearly 3 weeks.


Onsite the challenge was getting the ever updating latest Fortnite build across all the PC units in time. Getting Audio to multiple devices was also a challenge but solved with some handy software. Obviously some last minute dramas with some of the players swapping out for their own peripherals kept us wide awake.


All the hardware performed well despite the heat and lack of air conditioning for the build days.


Quite a few winners and of course the 3 trophy winners sealed a very successful event for everyone involved. With handshakes all round and quite a few stories to be told we look forward to next year! There is a good chance we will see the original request of 100 PC setups for that one!