Metro Exodus


Attention Seekers / Deep Silver / Koch Media / 4A Games


Final International London Press Event for ‘METRO EXODUS’ pre Launch


PROUD Cabaret/Club, Waterloo Bridge, 8 Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2AB


January 8th/9th/10th 2019


To create a Metro World inside the venue and setup 100 gaming stations for guests to play on and light up and project multiple images across the space and allow for a presentation across 2 event days with 1 rig day.

What we did

Always looking for opportunities to setup large amounts of consoles and screens with PC’s thrown in for good measure, this request was the perfect challenge and also called upon our power distribution skills as the setup required nearly 500 amps!


Logistics were always going to be a challenge with limited parking available and not necessarily 18tonne lorry friendly in central London and with more flight cases than you can shake a stick at the placement of such and control/hide areas in a limited space was going to be a real test for our Tetris skills of stacking.


With more than 100 x 40” 4K HDR screens and a split of 50 x XBOX ONE X consoles and 50 x i9 2080 Ti Gaming PC’s and with some 85” 4K screens to aid the presentation and 3 x HD projectors to help with the panoramic imagery above the play space and lots of wireless battery powered LED lighting, we set off to London at 5am in the morning ready for a very full days build.


The Power distribution was a real challenge using all of the 3 phase power available at the venue from multiple points and balancing the loads and running the cables in a safe and practical way so as not to obstruct the guests as well as keeping them visually down to a minimum.


Using our tower to hang some of the props from the venues lighting rig as well as aid in the hanging of the scenic material and projector placement was the first priority and once this had been established the main build could be carried out.


Over the 2 Press days we had visitors from many countries and from all the feedback and social media exposure the event was a huge success and achieved exactly what our client wanted and more!


With a tight window of 4 hours everything was removed with military timing after the event and we were even clear with time to spare!