MXGP British Motocross Grand Prix




British MXGP Motocross Grand Prix


Matterley Basin / Winchester


June 2016


To construct an outdoor exhibition structure for FIAT to enable them to hang all their new signage and accommodate their staff and vehicles within the space allocated at the British Motocross Grand Prix event.

What we did

When the last minute call came in from FIAT to rescue their team and provide a solution to construct a stand matching as closely as possible to their given dimensions for a structure that they were unable to ship because of the lengths of truss that had been supplied in Italy we knew we were going to have to roll our sleeves up and come up with a plan as the measurements were far from standard and we needed to get creative with the clock ticking!


Luckily the weather played it’s part during the build and enabled us to have a good long day at putting together a structure that had been rushed to say the least from drawings to reality and with more get out of jail bits and unusual sections of truss lengths to fill a Luton van we created a viable and workable stand.


We had no choice but to invest in this project due to the measurements given and luckily for us the truss manufacturers had availability and could ship in time all the parts we had calculated we would need to create our new design which was given the thumbs up by all concerned.


We also purchased the roof cover to fit our design which again luckily was available at short notice.

With just 4 crew, which was made up of 2 from GEMS and 2 from FIAT, we were able to get their signage in place and create a structure which kept the elements at bay all weekend for them as in true MXGP style, the rain did come to make for some fun racing!


Once the event was over and we removed the structure our client was very keen to know how we did it so that they could try and replicate it on the rest of the MXGP International tour that year.