VIP Exclusive Party


Non Disclosed


Exclusive VIP Birthday Party


St Catherines Court / Bath


Apr 2010 & Nov 2010


To hold a sound check/rehearsal for Light of the World in April 2010 to test acoustics and then to go on and facilitate both Light of The World and Earth Wind and Fire for an exclusive VIP birthday party in a 15th Century vaulted barn at St Catherines Court in Bath in November 2010 as well as providing and managing other elements including a firework display and Laser show and to film and record and provide an edit of the whole proceedings.

What we did

Having completed a successful sound check/rehearsal in April 2010 on location it was then time to start planning for the full live party later in the year. The challenge to put so much bespoke equipment in one of the UK’s largest vaulted barns in the south of England at the famous St Catherines Court, formerly owned by Jane Seymour, was not lost on us and we knew some major planning would be required along with spending several weeks on site during the build and actual live event.


Power was going to be supplied by numerous generators as the split between the Barn and the landscaped gardens was quite a distance and quite a large PA system was installed by us to accompany the Laser and Firework show. The real challenge was accommodating 2 of the biggest bands on the live circuit with so much backline and band members in a limited space. The crossovers were going to have to be done like the changing of the guard with an external temporary structure added to the side of the barn to allow for all the additional instruments to be tuned and prepped.


A whole fleet of huge touring Winnebago’s was brought in to accommodate not just the bands but all our staff and security for the days onsite as the weather was quite testing in November and a heavy snowfall made it very interesting especially for the equipment outside.


Special bespoke sections of stage and truss had to made and purchased to enable us to fit everything very tightly into the barn both at floor level and at rafter level and a whole week was used up just to make everything fit and be tested before other technical elements like the video cameras and lasers could be brought in for final testing.


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), had to be notified of the spectacular Laser show that was going to be projecting over St Catherines Court during the tests as well as the evening of the event and our close friends from ER Productions did not disappoint and have since grown into one of worlds go to Laser companies. Star Fireworks who were at the time, UK champions for 2010, provided an incredible display and some stunning effects to create the perfect match and everything on the night looked amazing with the snow, right on cue, gently falling in the nights sky.


The Live sets from Earth Wind & Fire who had flown over from Paris and Light of The World were a sight to behold on the 3 tier stage set and sounded incredible and special guest Philip Bailey also sang a great solo for the client at one point which was the icing on the cake.


This was a huge success and never ending praise from the Estate Manager who we have kept in touch with ever since and we hope to be back again one day if the right opportunity presents itself.