PG Mutual National Championships


Table Tennis England


The English National Championships / PG Mutual National Championships


Copper Box Arena / Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3HB


February 26th 2018 / March 4th 2018


To divide the arena with blackout and star cloth and provide a substantial PA system for music playback, national anthems and awards along with truss tunnels for players and referees and headline sponsors banner truss with all the associated DMX controlled LED lighting and provide feeds for the Live streams for the BBC and screens with live scores for the audience and provide power distribution for the LED signage barriers surrounding the main match table.

What we did

Fortunately having worked in the Copper Box Arena on previous occasions and not so long ago with the Cheerleader Championships for Legacy Cheer & Dance, we were well aware of access and power and how to link into the venues PA and screens if required.


Although fairly short notice the challenge was accepted and plans were laid out to enable us to supply all the associated rigging and material to enable the venue to be divided at ground level replacing the more expensive option of truss, chains and motors from the previous week.


We supplied a large Shermann sound system with Lab Gruppen amplification to create a firm impact from behind the material and several towers were built to aid us in the rigging.


Right at the end of the week another team had to come in and rig through the night an additional blackout section dividing the arena again to enable better camera shots and filming with some additional branding added at the same time to give it a border.


Keeping the music fresh and non-repetitive over 4/5 days was a challenge in itself and a variety to keep everyone entertained as well as creating a good atmosphere was essential. Lighting needed to be controlled throughout the days and advised to be still and limited during play but upbeat and colourful during the intervals and awards.


A protective layer was placed between the truss and tank traps to protect the floor where required and a control position was placed with the best view of the proceedings to enable smooth playback and eagle eye on the players and results.


Working with a tight budget the client was extremely happy with the end result and how everything ran and our relationship with Table Tennis England has grown over the years while helping with some of their smaller events around the country and as a testament to this we have been asked again to help with the upcoming PG Mutual Senior National Championships in March 2019 at the David Ross Sports Village at Nottingham University.